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Next Event:

 Battalion: Stand To
 Details to follow 

 Association: Annual General Meeting
  1900 for 1930 hrs 15 Sept. 2014
  #4 Branch St. James Legion
 $10 Annual Dues can be paid at this event.

  Cameron Cadets: 2014 Stand To 04 Sept    
  The Corps will be participating in a Candlelight Service at Brookside Cemetery on 10 Sept 2014. Ask Capt K. Walker for more details regarding the event.

 All of the Regiment:
 Candlelight Service at Brookside Cemetery

100th Anniversary of The Great War Project

  To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the start of The Great War the Cameron Association had come up with a plan to place a standard pattern bench in The Field of Honour section at Brookside Cemetery, Wpg, MB.
 This plan has not survived contact with our realities and other possible commemorative events are being considered by the Association executive at this time. Suggestions are welcome.

 Cameron Picasaweb Site

  The latest addition are pictures from the Cathcart family, whose service included both the FWW and SWW. 

Click here to see the picture galleries


The latest Oatmeal Rag, Issue #16, is now available:

  Oatmeal Rag Issue 16 April 2014.pdf


100th Anniversary of the Regiment Newsletter:
Issue #10 March 2011

  Warning: This issue is HUGE because of the 
 size of the picture files inside.

               Order your copy of the new
 Cameron history book 
"Winnipeg's Ladies From Hell"

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 Please make cheques payable to QOCH Centenary Inc.
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25 May 2009 Auction of LCol R. Shankland's VC, DCM, & other medals
  The Regimental family would like to thank all of you who helped keep LCol Shankland's medals here in Canada.  Your actions were and remain very much appreciated. 


Baptized in the mud, blood and fire of France and Flanders, the Camerons bear the distinction of being one of only four regiments currently on the Canadian Army list to have fought as a kilted regiment.  All other kilted regiments in the Canadian Army were either raised or converted to a kilted regiment after the First World War.  Celebrating the Regiment’s centenary in 2010, the Camerons of today are as fiercely proud of their highland traditions as their forebears were.

From it’s founding, Winnipeg has had a strong Scottish tradition.  Sponsored by Thomas Douglas, the fifth Earl of Selkirk, the Red River Colony was established on the banks of the Red River in 1812, settled by Scots displaced by the highland clearances.

After years of intense pressure from the local Scottish community, the government finally authorized the raising of a highland regiment in Winnipeg.  As was the fashion at the time in the Empire, the new regiment would be raised borrowing traditions from an existing British unit.  Gazetted in 1910, the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada are the oldest highland regiment in Western Canada. 

This website will serve as an information source for current serving members, retired members, potential members, and other affiliated or interested people.   It includes a listing of current activities for all parts of the Camerons; the unit, the Regimental Association, and the Regimental Advisory Board.  A large part of the web site is dedicated to historical and traditional matters.  In general it is a place for anyone with an interest in the Camerons to look to for information. 
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